Wind Direction 4

 Overview – Key functionalities
  • The Wind Direction data field shows you the direction of the wind (relative to the direction you’re heading). An arrow pointing towards you means you’re facing a head wind.
  • The data field can show 1 or 2 metrics.
  • It supports all data field layouts and (should) resize automatically to fit within the allotted screen space

Note that the field is currently a BETA version. The data field may or may not function correctly.

Privacy Policy

The Wind Direction field does not record any user data directly, but uses a 3rd party service from OpenWeatherMap which may record data on each request, you can read their privacy policy here

Frequently asked questions

Q1: I have set the update frequency to every 15 minutes, but the wind speed does not update!
  • For people that haven’t donated the wind speed is only fetched at the start of the activity. (everyone can set the ‘update frequency’ setting, but the setting is only taken into account when you have a valid Donation Key (see Donation section below)).
  • For the weather request to be succesful the 4 conditions outlined in Q2 must be fulfilled.
  • It could be that the wind speed did not change in the new request, see Q4 on how to see whether the weather request was successful

Q2: There is no wind direction data downloaded / The wind direction does not change / …
Getting wind direction to your watch requires 3 things to be right:
  • Condition 1: You need to be actively connected with your phone via Bluetooth (go to Garmin Connect Mobile and synchronize your watch to force an active connection)
  • Condition 2: Your phone needs to be connected with the internet
  • Condition 3: You must have a gps fix.
  • Condition 4: Garmin Connect Mobile needs to be running on your mobile phone (as a background process or actively as a foreground process). Make sure that you have no battery saver apps running that kill the Garmin Connect Mobile instance. (All Internet traffic is throttled through the Garmin Connect Mobile App) (This condition is very important! When the weather is not updating on your watch the usual cause is that Garmin Connect Mobile is not running any more)
Once the above 4 things are ok you’ll need to wait until the next Internet request to happen. When using the non-donation version the weather is only updated once per activity!

(TIP: change one of the fields to Update Time to see when the last wind reading was executed)

Q3: How often is the wind being refreshed?
A simple question with a not so straightforward answer as it’s dependent on several factors:
  • the fastest weather refresh rate is normally once per activity, after filling in a donation key the fastest refresh rate becomes 15 minutes.
  • the refresh happens at regular intervals and at the moment the refresh happens there needs to be an active bluetooth connection and an active internet connection (see Q1)
  • the data of the weather comes from the OpenWeaterMap weather service, if the service address returns an invalid response (or times out) then the cached data stored in the data field remains to be shown
  • the data of the weather comes from the OpenWeaterMap weather service, this service also caches data and is also dependent on eg weather stations to provide data to OpenWeaterMap So It could be that there is no new data and that the data just remains the same….

Q4: Can I verify whether the weather fetch was sucessfull?
Yes, you can choose update time as one of the fields. It’s also possible to set up a debug session (see bottom of this article).

Q5: I’ve installed “Wind Direction” but I can’t find it on my device
Wind Direction is a data field and you have to edit an existing activity profile such as RUN via RUN SETTINGS to use it (the field is located within the “Connect IQ” group).

For a visual how to search on Google for “Youtube edit data fields”

Q6: How do I edit the settings?
Changing the fields is done via the application settings, see this guide here


The data field is fully functional without donating (there is a nag message to encourage donations, after donation the wind direction can refresh more than once per activity).

If you like the data field you can show your appreciation by donating a small amount (suggested donation: 4 euro) on my PayPal account (Mention the name of the app: “Wind Direction”). After donation you will receive a donation key on your PayPal email address which will remove the encouragement message from the watch face. (this email is a manual process, if you do not receive a donation key within 48 hours contact me via the contact developer link)

(SPECIAL PROMO: in case you like several of my apps and you want to remove donation encouragement messages from all of them, then donating one big amount might be beneficial to you. When you donate 19 euro or more you’ll get one key that’s valid for ALL my current AND future apps: )

Debugging setup (for advanced users)

The data field contains a debug option, to set this up follow these steps:
1/ Uninstall the data field
2/ Install the data field and turn on the debug option in the settings
3/ Connect the watch with an usb cable to your computer and browse to the folder \GARMIN\APPS Remember the most recent name of the PRG file
4/ Browse to the folder \GARMIN\APPS\LOGS and create a txt file with the same name as the most recent prg file 5/ After running the data field for a while the txt file should contain debug info about the weather retrieval


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4 thoughts on “Wind Direction

  1. Reply Tomek S Jan 23,2021 08:48

    It seems that the arrow is 90 degrees tweested compare to the direction displayd
    in degrees. I can attached picture of the screen of my garmin 1030.

    I am heading W arrow is showing SSW and the number of degrees is 160.

    I am using Garmin 1030 connected to galaxy s7. Connection is active (garmin displays connected to the phone and the phone is connected to the internet)

    Am I doing something wrong?

    • Reply Peter Jan 23,2021 09:27

      this data may depend on the weather provider and the weather station. If your device is capable switching in the appplication settings to openweathermap or garmin weather might give better results.

  2. Reply nddyny Oct 16,2021 13:45

    Can you add Chinese

    • Reply Peter Oct 16,2021 15:31

      localisation adds quite a bit of overhead. I’m working on localising Data Lover. For now it’s a no, but maybe in the future.

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