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This is the program that taught me how to run. Back in the day I couldn’t run 500 meters, now I’m running ultramarathons… so this schedule worked wonders for me.

The original (dutch) lessons on which this app is based can be found here


choose  the lesson

choose the lesson. Devices with keys use the up/down/enter button, devices with touch screen use tap lower/upper screen or swipe

summary screen

A summary screen is presented so you know what to expect from this lesson!

action screen

This is what you see during the lesson. At the bottom of the screen you also see what the next “block” is going to be.


  • Try to run in an even pace (run slow enough so you can keep up this pace!)
  • Walk in a way that you are active but also recuperate enough to handle the next running block
  • Take (at least) one day of rest after each lesson!
  • Treat the schedule as a guideline (take extra rest when you feel too tired!)
  • Consult a doctor to take a cardiogram is a wise thing to do

Schedule Info

Download links

Download the apps from the Connect IQ Store:
After installation you find the apps on your watch in the “IQ Apps” section.


You can use the app for free for as long as you want, but a donation is encouraged from within the app with a small encouragement message. If you like the app then consider to support the development!

Suggested donation amount: 5 euro (Mention the name of the app: “Start To Run”, tip: choose donate to a friend to limit paypal fees)

(SPECIAL PROMO – donate 19 euro or more and get a key that’s valid for all my current and future apps )


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37 thoughts on “Start To Run (Garmin App)

  1. Reply Bart Apr 22,2019 16:45

    This worked great today. Thanks for the app. Is it based on the ckassic C25K programme? Thanks.

  2. Reply Schmidt Jun 1,2019 17:12

    Bart: this application builds on a classic C25K program, including a 10k and 21k program as well.

  3. Reply Nunomelo Jun 26,2019 05:58

    Just went out for my first run and absolutely love this app. I will definitely be donating! Thank you so much for the help and guidance into running.

  4. Reply Richard Riley Jul 15,2019 19:45

    Whats your email? Paypal link wont work for me. Tried your name but it doesnt find oyu.

  5. Reply Holly Jul 17,2019 19:31

    Hi you replied to my review that some devices have weak vibrate. I have a forerunner 235, definitely no vibration from walk to run at all (or beep). Settings say vibrate and beep at new lap. Is this correct? Can’t see anything else to change. Really want to use app but very frustrating to have no notifications.

  6. Reply Kim Mar 16,2020 00:05

    I love the app, only thing I can’t fix is that it doesn’t fit the screen of the fenix 6s pro so I don’t see the length of the next run/walk. Otherwise awesome app!

  7. Reply Francesco May 17,2020 18:28

    I’m currently on day 9 of the program.
    I find the app very nice but I noticed that when I use it (Garmin Vivoactive HR) it does not connect to the HR band (use the clock sensor).
    Is it possible to develop this functionality?

    Another question, what does “Warm up” mean? Slow run? Fast walk?


    • Reply Peter May 18,2020 08:37

      I just double checked the app and it’s already picking up the heart rate from the hr band when you wear it. Why do you think it does not connect?

      Warm Up and Cool Down can be run at recovery run pace which is a very slow run type which does not make you tired. (the recovery run pace can be slower than your slow run). If you feel more comfortable with a fast walk for warmup and cooldown, that’s fine too.

      • Reply Francesco May 18,2020 12:39

        Normally when I start an app to run or to ride, the message “hr band connected” appears. The phone sensor turns off (no green light during all the activity). Instead with this app no ​​message appears and the sensor remains on throughout the workout (the green light is on).

        The HR band is connected by bluetooth (no ANT+), it’s a compatible brand (no Garmin) but it works well with other apps.

        The app may use both sensors at the same time?

        Thanks for your suggestions

        • Reply Peter May 20,2020 08:47

          I think it probably needs to be ANT+, you can test if the hr band works by taking off your watch, if the heart rate is still displayed it works 😉

          • Reply Francesco May 28,2020 06:52

            I confirm, they both work simultaneously.
            I put on the hr band and left the watch on the table.
            Thanks for your suggestions

  8. Reply Amy Jun 22,2020 19:11

    Hello Peter – is there a way to tell if GPS is connected before I press start on your app? I’m using a Vivoactive 4s. It was always working at first (I’d get map detail in Garmin Connect), but the last several runs, no map. I even tried selecting Garmin’s “Run” activity first since it shows GPS connecting, then backing out of it to select Start to Run 5k, but no luck. Still no GPS. Any ideas how I can be sure GPS is connected after selecting STR?

    Also, I donated to your app when I had my previous watch, but can’t find the code you sent. Is it a hassle to get it resent?

    Thank you for producing this app!

  9. Reply Jeroen Oct 20,2020 18:36

    After a session it says press stop. But this doesn’t function on an approach S60. Also swipe to right to end session doesn’t apply.

    • Reply Peter Oct 22,2020 14:29

      Does the approach s60 have a physical back button? does the app stop if you press that button?

  10. Reply Ian Horne Nov 5,2020 17:33

    Hi there.
    About to use it for the first time. Does it acquire GPS as I can’t see any confirmation that it does?

    If this is sorted will definitely donate 😁



    • Reply Peter Nov 8,2020 07:09

      it gets gps as soon as the app starts, if you’re outside by the time you get to the lesson screen it should have good reception normally

  11. Reply Victor Jan 14,2021 21:53

    Does it exist for the forerunner 45? Or is there an alternative?

    • Reply Peter Jan 14,2021 22:32

      adding support for the fr45 is not possible because your device only supports connect iq watch faces and not other connect iq app types.

  12. Reply Jules Mar 21,2021 06:48

    Just downloaded and donated. Looks promising! Any chance to get a countdown timer per block, instead of an increasing timer?

    • Reply Peter Mar 21,2021 08:55

      I’ll add the item to my to do list (my to do list is quite long though, so not sure when I’ll get to doing it)

  13. Reply Kathy Apr 8,2021 08:09

    Hi Peter, is dit bruikbaar voor Venu sq?

    • Reply Peter Apr 8,2021 09:41

      dag Kathy, heb nog geen tijd gehad om het programma compatibel te maken met de venu sq. (deze horloge heeft een ander formaat en het is nogal wat werk om het aan te passen (en ik heb naast dit programma nog vele andere programma’s te onderhouden… een beetje een hobby die uit de hand is gelopen 🙂 )

  14. Reply Kathy Apr 8,2021 17:10

    Jammer dat het voor mij nog niet bruikbaar zal zijn. Dankjewel voor je snelle antwoord en nog veel succes met je uit de hand gelopen hobby🙂.

  15. Reply Carol May 2,2021 14:05

    Hi I’m new to this, I have the Vivo active 4s, does this app work exactly like couch to 5k, so will it tell me when you run and when to walk? How will I know what and when to do please?

  16. Reply Jules May 2,2021 18:52

    Ik denk dat er een foutje zit in les 12 van de 10K-training. In plaats van 100 meter sprint moet ik 300 meter sprint doen.

    Verder een super-app, helpt me om eenvoudig tot de 10K te komen.

    • Reply Peter May 2,2021 19:45

      les 12 is een speciale les, met interval: 3 x 100 m versnellen, gevolgd door telkens 300 m joggen + 2 x 200 m versnellen, gevolgd door telkens 400 m joggen

  17. Reply Leo May 25,2021 10:41


    Can you use this app on a calibrated tred-mill or do you need to be running outside?

    • Reply Peter May 25,2021 14:54

      you will need a footpod to register distance (or connect the tread mill to your watch if that’s possible)

  18. Reply Roel Sep 13,2021 14:31

    Is navigation possible during the program?

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