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Navigator solves the following issues for me:
  • it directs me (in bird flight) to the start location of the course
  • it keeps me on track by following the detailed course line
  • it warns me before turns
  • it shows me my important metrics while I’m navigating
  • it shows me my position within the course at all times which motivates me to keep progressing the course
  • As it is a data field I can integrate this in any Garmin native activity profile and combine this with other data fields of my choice

You will see all these things in 1 single screen (configurable through app settings):
  • Zoomed-In route (200m scale) to show you the details of the turns you need to take
  • Route overview map showing your overall position within the course
  • All important data metrics you want to see: heart rate, speed, distance, time, etc…

Privacy Policy

The Navigator app does not track personal information directly but makes use of a 3rd party API provided by which does store personal info on every data request, you can read the detailed privacy policy here


Installation requires several steps which are described below.

Step 1: download the data field and configure to use it on your watch on a layout with 1 field

Download the data field from the app store here

Then configure an activity profile (eg Run) to use this data field in a layout with 1 field.

The video below shows how to install one of my other data fields, follow the below instructions but select the “Navigator” field (instead of “Peter’s (Race) Pacer”)

Step 2: Sign up for an account at and create your first route

Visit and sign up for a new account

Create a new route for example by uploading a gpx file

After uploading the route, click on “Back” or the “X” icon to close the edit screen and make sure that this route is marked as your active route (the clock icon is black next to your active route)

Step 3: Link with the Navigator app

The Navigator app uses the Partner App Code system from to download the routes, before you can use this system, you need to enable this “Partner App Code” system.
Click on “Link your device” and then click on “Click to enable”

Copy the Partner Access Code to the Clipboard

Step 4: Configure the application settings of Navigator

Go to Garmin Connect Mobile and Paste the Partner Access Code into the Application Settings of the Navigator App.

(My settings are in dutch but the above screenshots should give you the general idea, click on the pic to enlarge)

Step 5: Start the data field and wait for the route to be downloaded

  • On your watch go into the activity profile (eg Run) to which you added the Navigator data field to (you did this in step 1)
  • Start Garmin Connect Mobile and synchronize your device (this action will force an active bluetooth connection and make the download of the route faster)
  • Wait for the route to be downloaded (this can take up to 5 minutes)


Q1. The data field shows “No Route (see FAQ)”
– Did you follow the setup instructions as above?
– Did you enter the correct Partner Access Code in the settings?
– Do you have internet connection?
– Did you already wait 5 minutes?

Q2. The turns warning doesn’t warn me on a street crossing or it warns me when there’s no turn nearby
This is possible, the data field doesn’t know streets or path ways and have to calculate turns as the route progresses.
Turns are defined as:
  • More than 100 meter away from the previous turn
  • The angle from this course point to the next course point is more than 30 degrees
So not the classic turns as you know them, but in practice it generally works well. 🙂

Q3. Is it possible to have the route in the direction you are running or always north up?
Yes. This is possible. You change this behavior in the settings on the Dynamic watch website ( . Choose either North-Up or Track-Up.


The Navigator data field is fully functional without donating. Donations are optional but encouraged from from within the data field with a small encouragement text. If you find Navigator useful you can show your appreciation by donating an amount (suggested donation: 5 euro) on my PayPal account (mention the name of the app “Navigator”)

After donation you will receive a donation key on your paypal email address which which will enable the option to warn on turns and remove the “Like it? Donate!” message from the data field. (this is a manual process, but normally you should receive a key within 24 hours).

(SPECIAL PROMO – donate 19 euro or more and get a key that’s valid for all my current and future apps )


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18 thoughts on “Navigator

  1. Reply Adam May 3,2019 23:19

    Hi – Does this show the built in maps on watches that have them?

    • Reply Peter May 4,2019 01:55

      hi Adam,

      No, this does not show the maps within the data field, but you can show the map as one of your other screens within your activity profile (if you also want to show the course line on this map it would require to both import the course to dynamicWatch site and Garmin Connect site).

      The major purpose of this data field is to help you navigate and also display all your important data metrics at the same time (which is not possible in the native Garmin experience).

  2. Reply Dani May 12,2019 17:03

    Hi Peter,

    Would it be possible to add seeders like the dwmap app does so you could see your previous path.

    • Reply Peter May 15,2019 14:12

      hi Dani, it wouldn’t be possible in the data field version as I’m all out of memory there, but it might be possible in a watch app mode (which I plan to create for compatibility with older models, but also might enable for modern watches and add more features, no promises though 🙂 ). Cheers, Peter

      • Reply Cristian Jun 7,2019 12:02

        Hi Peter.

        About this app for older watches compatibility. Please make it so any kind of sport activity can be selected for recording. My interest is for Cycling Mountain Bike sub-type but I’m sure there are many other people interested in inline skating, kayaking,… Apps that can record that kind of activities do not offer navigation capabilities; and all apps that offer navigation capabilities only record the basic activity types.

        Thank you for your consideration. Best regards.

  3. Reply James Jun 16,2019 10:18

    Hi Peter,
    Does this work with courses defined on Garmin connect as well?

    Ps I love the data lover watch face!

  4. Reply Peter Jun 19,2019 21:49

    No native courses are not exposed to the connect iq api (unfortunately), i hope this will be exposed in the future.

    Currently the app only works with courses defined on

  5. Reply Ben May 27,2020 02:32

    Is there a way to open source the piece of this?

    Open source is the best 🙂

  6. Reply dave May 30,2020 21:20

    Thanks! I completed all the steps but get stuck in the final step.
    I created the code and linked as well but I get this error: dynamicwatch partner code (See…)

    any idea?

  7. Reply Peter May 31,2020 02:33

    Which error? Have you typed in the code in the application settings?

  8. Reply Guillaume Aug 14,2020 13:56

    Hi Peter,
    Great and useful application!
    – On Vivoactive HR (rectangle screen), the route overview hides a part of the zoomed view. Maybe your could put the route overview at a bottom (row 3) field.
    – To have the choice on parameters to put the current direction always toward the top of the screen (like mapField does) instead of keeping the north at the top.

    • Reply Peter Aug 14,2020 18:28

      * Afraid I’m out of memory to do extra logic. What you can do is choose to hide the overview map after starting the activity in the app settings  

      * Navigator follows the settings of dynamic watch. You can choose north up or direction up with a switch. After you send the new route it’ll follow the new behavior

  9. Reply benjamin.stary Mar 25,2021 02:07

    Hi, great app. Please, it’s possible somehow set auto-pause feature? Like when you stop your bicykle. Thanks

    • Reply Peter Mar 25,2021 08:39

      As this is a data field all native Garmin functionality is available to you. So you should be able the Auto-Pause feature from within the options of the activity profile

  10. Reply Jiří Frydel Apr 26,2021 11:14

    Hi, great data field. Thank you a lot for your work!
    A few observations.
    1) Manual scaling would be great.
    2) The track could be full screen, without cropping at the top and bottom.
    3) if there is a track up, north could be marked around the perimeter of the watch.

  11. Reply carlos Aug 23,2021 23:21

    Hi Peter, thanks for the nice work!
    Question: can the app be used to follow routes downloaded from Wikiloc? I have selected one Wikiloc route, but the screen shows the message “wait for route”. What does this means?
    Thanks again

    • Reply Peter Aug 24,2021 08:20

      you can download routes from wikiloc, but you always have to upload these routes to the website (as that’s the location where the data field downloads the route from) and set this route as your active route (click the watch icon).

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