Garmin Connect IQ Tutorial Overview

Garmin Connect IQ is the application development platform for newer Garmin watches. The program language is called MonkeyC. It allows you to create custom watch faces, data fields, apps and widgets and run these creations on your Garmin watch.

In this tutorial series we’ll learn how to program this application development, both basic and more advanced topics are being covered. On this page you see an overview of the tutorials, as time progresses this page will be updated with links to the new tutorials, so if you are interested in Connect IQ development keep a close watch on this page! 😉

Tutorial Overview


Create a data field

  1. Layout with layouts.xml
  2. Layout with dc.draw() calls
  3. Using string resources

Unit tests

  1. Create the unit test project
  2. Run unit tests
  3. Create unit tests

Application properties

  1. Define application properties
  2. Unit test application properties


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