Garmin Connect IQ: Setting up the development environment

Eclipse Neon Development Environment

Eclipse Neon Development Environment

This article explains how to set up the environment on a Windows PC to develop a Garmin Connect IQ application, for Linux and Macintosh environment refer to the connect IQ getting started guide on

Setting up the development environment on a Windows PC

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Install Eclipse

Install Eclipse Luna or newer (I’ve installed Eclipse Oxygen which is the newest version of Eclipse at the time of writing this). It’s important to choose the Eclipse version that says Eclipse for Java developers. You can download eclipse from the Eclipse website. (Be sure to choose the same bit version as your OS – If you can run 64 bit choose the 64 bit version))

Install the Connect IQ plugin

  • In the top menu of Eclipse, go to Help > Install New Software
  • Use the Add… button to add
  • Mark the check box next to Connect IQ in the list and hit Next
Dependent plug-in modules may need to be downloaded and installed. When this is complete, restart Eclipse to complete the installation.

Configure the Connect IQ plugin

  • Click on Connect IQ -> SDK manager
  • Browse for a directory where you want to save the Connect IQ SQK
  • Choose the Connect IQ SQK version you want to use to develop (usually you will want the most recent version)


Generate a developer key

in Eclipse go to Window -> Preferences -> Connect IQ -> Compiler and click the Generate button to generate a developer key.

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