Fat Burner 6


Simple datafield to accomodate a request by Susun.

This field calculates the fat calories burned depending on heart rate zone & calories. The following defaults are configured:
  • Z1: 9kcal burned = 1 gram of fat burned
  • Z2: 80% fat
  • Z3: 50% fat
  • Z4: 20% fat
  • Z5: 0% fat

In the settings you can:
  • opt to see Fat Burner (=default) / Carbs Burner / Fat Burner and Carbs Burner
  • finetune the percentages for each zone

(Advice : do to consume too much carbs per hour, the absolute maximum is 70g/hour)


  • Install the Data Field on your watch by clicking download in the Connect IQ store
  • Configure your watch to use the data field:
    • Choose the Activity Profile for which you wish to install this data field for (eg Running)
    • Choose Activity Settings
    • Choose Data Screens
    • Choose “Screen 1” (or another screen)
    • Choose field 1 (or any of the other fields)
    • Choose “Connect IQ”
    • Select “Fat Burner” from the list

The sequence on how to do the above things is a little bit different on each watch (you can find the buttons to press in the user manual of your device in the section “Customizing the data screens)”


You can configure how the app behaves in the application settings (via Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile)

Support / Questions / Feature Requests

When you have questions preferably post this question in the forum support topic (you have to log in first with your garmin user name in the top right corner before you can make a reply to this post)


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6 thoughts on “Fat Burner

  1. Reply jitzan Sep 16,2019 19:36

    can i see the fat burn in percentage and not g?

  2. Reply Bogdan Feb 16,2020 20:41

    Hi, is there any way to increase the size of the font on screen? Thank you.

    • Reply Peter Feb 16,2020 21:05

      This data field is of the simple data field type where the font is chosen by the Garmin Software, so no not possible. However, I’ve also integrated the Fat Burner logic in my “All In One” data field, perhaps the font in that app is better readable for you?

  3. Reply Wesley Spratt May 4,2020 22:58

    hi, I like to think I am a data geek/freak but I can’t tell what this app does for me or how to personalize it. Is there a place I can read more about it?

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