Data Lover 212

A watch face featuring a readable time font, sun events, active statistics and OpenWeatherMap weather. (features depend on watch capabilities, see Q5 in the Frequently Asked Questions below).

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: There is no weather data downloaded / The location of the weather is not correct / …
Getting weather to your watch requires 4 things to be right:
  • Condition 1: You need to be actively connected with your phone via Bluetooth (go to Garmin Connect Mobile and synchronize your watch to force an active connection)
  • Condition 2: Your phone needs to be connected with the internet
  • Condition 3: You need to acquire a gps position by starting a run activity and waiting for a green gps fix. (you can return to the watch face once you have acquired the fix, you don’t need to start the run activity). Alternatively in the settings of the app you can also set the default longitude/latitude to your home location, enter the lat/long in the format as provided by this website:
  • Condition 4: Garmin Connect Mobile needs to be running on your mobile phone (as a background process or actively as a foreground process). Make sure that you have no battery saver apps running that kill the Garmin Connect Mobile instance. (All Internet traffic is throttled through the Garmin Connect Mobile App) (This condition is very important! When the weather is not updating on your watch the usual cause is that Garmin Connect Mobile is not running any more)
Once the above 4 things are ok you’ll need to wait until the next Internet request to happen. When using the non-donation version this may take up to 4 hours!

(TIP: change the right chart option to Weather + Time Last Update to see when the last weather update was executed)

Q2: I have entered the lat/long but the watch shows the wrong city
A typical mistake is that you haven’t put a minus symbol where there has to be one. So don’t do a Google search but go to and copy the latitude/longitude for your city as that site shows it.

Q3: How often is the weather being refreshed?
A simple question with a not so straightforward answer as it’s dependant on several factors:
  • the fastest weather refresh rate is normally 4 hours, after filling in a donation key the fastest refresh rate becomes 15 minutes.
  • the refresh happens at regular intervals and at the moment the refresh happens there needs to be an active bluetooth connection, an active internet connection and a stored gps location (see Q1)
  • the data of the weather comes from the OpenWeaterMap weather service, if the service address returns an invalid response (or times out) then the cached data stored in the watch face remains to be shown
  • the data of the weather comes from the OpenWeaterMap weather service, this service also caches data and is also dependant on eg weather stations to provide data to OpenWeaterMap So It could be that there is no new data and that the data just remains the same….

Q4: Can I verify whether the weather fetch was sucessful?
Yes, you can set the right chart option to Weather + Time of last update. When the weather fetch is succesful it will show the time of the latest fetch in the foreground color (white by default), when the weather fetch returned an error it will show in red (See Q1 on how to resolve. For additional debug info set up a debug session, see instructions at the bottom of this article.

Q5: The weather, the active heart rate chart and/or the option to show seconds is not available on my device
  • fetching the weather requires the ability to connect to the internet which is not possible on Connect IQ 1 devices
  • always on seconds and the active heart rate chart feature depend on the always on technology to provide updates to the screen while in low power mode (this is only supported in fenix 5 derivatives and vivoactive 3 derivatives)

Q6: The sunrise/sunset time is incorrect
The sunrise time is calculated once a day and is dependent on getting a good gps fix:
  • the gps location is only known for a very short period in watch faces (only shortly after doing a gps activity). To let the watchface acquire your location do the following: start a gps activity (eg run) and wait till you have acquired a good gps signal. stop the activity and go back to the watchface.

Q7: Can I force an update of the weather and or force an update of the sunrise/sunset times?
This doesn’t work on all watches, but it’ll work on most:
  • setup everything as explained in Q1 and/or Q5
  • uninstall the watch face (see Q8) (you will lose all your customizations by the uninstallation)
  • install the watch face

Q8: I try to install the watch face but the Connect IQ store tells me I need a firmware update while I’m already at the latest version!
Solution 1: Disconnect your watch from the usb cable, likely there’s an update on your watch ready to be installed. Install this update and retry.
Solution 2: Restore your watch to factory settings from within the System menu on your watch. (Be sure to upload your activities to Garmin Connect first as all user data will be wiped from the watch.)

Q9: I can not remove the watch face
To delete the Data Lover watch face you first have to make another face the active watch face.

Q10: Setting “x” is not applied properly
Sometimes when auto-updating a watch face the settings were updated to the new version but the program itself was not yet updated and was stuck on the previous version. To fix this remove the watch face (see Q9) and reinstall the watch face. (you will have to reapply your customization to the settings when removing and installing)

Q11: I have a Vivoactive 3 and the city shown is far away from my location
There is a firmware bug on the Vivoactive 3 which makes the gps drift. A workaround for this issue is to ignore the values the gps watch returns, you do this by setting the following configuration in the App Settings:
  • Allow Gps Override: Set to off
  • Latitude/Longitude: Fill the values for your location (Beware that you might need a minus sign for your latitude or longitude, to get the correct format for your location use the website )

Q12: Where do I find the app settings?
You can use Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile to adjust the application settings, a help topic which describes this in more detail can be found here

Q13: How do I change the temperature to Celsius?
On your watch go to Settings – System – Units – Temperature
On the next internet request the weather will use the new unit.

I have another question!
There are several channels for support:
  • You can post your question below this article
  • You can post your question in the forum support topic
  • You can use the contact developer link on the app description page


The watchface can be downloaded from the Connect IQ Store


The watch face is fully functional without donating (there is a very occasional small message to encourage donations, refreshing the weather info occurs at a slightly higher rate after donation).

If you like the watch face you can show your appreciation by donating a small amount (suggested donation: 3 euro) on my PayPal account (Mention the name of the app: “Data Lover”). After donation you will receive a donation key on your PayPal email address which will remove the encouragement message from the watch face. (this email is a manual process, if you do not receive a donation key within 48 hours contact me via the contact developer link)

(SPECIAL PROMO: in case you like several of my apps and you want to remove donation encouragement messages from all of them, then donating one big amount might be beneficial to you. When you donate 19 euro or more you’ll get one key that’s valid for ALL my current AND future apps: )

Debugging setup (for advanced users)

The watch face contains a debug option, to set this up follow these steps:
1/ Uninstall the watch face (See Q9)
2/ Install the watch face and turn on the debug option in the settings
3/ Connect the watch with an usb cable to your computer and browse to the folder \GARMIN\APPS Remember the most recent name of the PRG file
4/ Browse to the folder \GARMIN\APPS\LOGS and create a txt file with the same name as the most recent prg file 5/ After running the watchface for a while the txt file should contain debug info about sun events and weather retrieval


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212 thoughts on “Data Lover

  1. Reply MrEdDy23 May 24,2018 11:45

    Hi Peter,
    I went exactly what you recommend, but the weather simply does not work. Sometimes I see only Brussels. I do not see the weather for my current location.

  2. Reply Peter May 24,2018 11:59

    It is the way to fix the weather though make sure to all 3 requirements. I see if I can provide an option in the settings in the next version where you can provide a city override.

  3. Reply Barba Jun 1,2018 03:44

    Hi Peter,

    The letter (mail) icon at the top is always on even I don’t have any unread mail. How can I fix that?

  4. Reply Peter Jun 3,2018 06:47

    The icon indicates unread notifications. In your widget loop (press down from the watchface a few times) there should be a widget that shows these messages you can mark them as read by pressing the start button.

  5. Reply Joshua Demeter Jun 4,2018 18:14

    I have tried every fix to correct the default location from Brussels and nothing works. Can you please help?

    • Reply Peter Jun 5,2018 17:53

      hey Joshua, I have the impression that on some watch types it’s difficult to acquire the location from the last gps activity so in the next version of Data Lover I’ll be providing a mechanism so that you will be able to manually enter a longitude and latitude. Likely will be releasing the new version by the end of this week. Cheers, Peter.

  6. Reply Manolo Calvo Jun 11,2018 14:45

    Hi Peter
    Just bought the Fenix 5x on Jun 9 2018
    Downloaded Data Lover and Data Lover has been updated
    I’m in Palm Beach, FL USA
    But the watch thinks I’m in Brussels
    The temperature capture also seems to be Brussels
    Additionally, how you change the 1/2 circles chart at the very bottom on the watch face?
    I would like, instead, to have the HR chat at the bottom.
    Also the seconds are not displaying on the digital time capture.
    And, lastly, The HRM chart: What is the length of time tracked on the chart?

  7. Reply Christopher W Jul 4,2018 00:59

    Hey I was wondering if there’s a feature to change the weather temp measurement from Fahrenheit to Celsius

    • Reply salyavin Jul 4,2018 03:29

      I am having trouble with it being stuck on Fahrenheit as well.

      • Reply Peter Jul 4,2018 05:36

        On your watch go to settings – system – units- temperature – celsius

        On the next weather refresh the new unit will be used.

  8. Reply Uwe Rasmussen Jul 14,2018 21:51

    Hi, I have the Forerunner 235 with DataLover but do not have the option to set the Right chart to anything other than “Move Circles”, and similarly the bottom chart to “Step History”. I would like to set the right chart to weather/temperature but cannot seem to be find the setting.
    Is it only possible to have the weather with a different watch than the FR235?

    • Reply Peter Jul 19,2018 19:27

      the FR235 is a Connect IQ v1 watch does not support connecting to the internet from a watch face, so the option to set weather is not available on that watch. The option to set the weather is available in newer watches such as the FR735xt, Fenix5, Vivoactive3, etc…

  9. Reply AA Jul 18,2018 13:54


    Can you please advise how I can change the weather from F to C? I tried changing the setting via Garmin connect under Measurement Units to Metric and Statute UK, but the weather is still in F (even after syncing).

    Thank you

  10. Reply Peter Jul 18,2018 18:24

    You can change the units on the watch via menu Settings -》 system -》 units. After you change the unit it will take until the next weather fetch before you see it adjusted in data lover (The weather fetch is executed every 2 hours)

  11. Reply Darien Jul 26,2018 00:16

    Anyway to change the font color for the HR graph? When the theme is set to white/black the font is white and is very difficult to read

    • Reply Peter Jul 26,2018 06:04

      Not at the moment. I’ll add a new option in the next Data Lover release so that you can choose this color. Cheers, Peter.

  12. Reply Nikolay Jul 30,2018 09:46

    Hi Peter,

    Do you plan to add the current HR as an option to be displayed in the HR graph. I have Vivoactive 3 and the current HR value will be more useful than the HR range for me. Maybe to show the current next to the range.

  13. Reply Peter Jul 30,2018 13:36

    Sounds reasonable 🙂
    I’ll try to take this along in the next version.

  14. Reply Bob Wagner Aug 4,2018 06:23

    Has anyone started working with Beta 3 SDK. I am really interested in the ability to access the Radar data, but not confident in getting started. I have written one Data app called MaxSpeed that is based on a Simple Data Field.

  15. Reply Max Aug 5,2018 05:11

    Hi Peter. What means percentage under the move bar? i didnt find the answer in FAQ

  16. Reply Peter Aug 5,2018 08:54

    The percentage indicates how much of today’s step goal has been completed.

  17. Reply Emily Aug 7,2018 13:05

    Below my field 1 and field 2, There is a field with a percentage. It’s the same percentage, which I *think* is the percentage of steps completed toward my goal. But it’s there twice, and I cannot see that customization in the settings.

  18. Reply Peter Aug 7,2018 13:09

    Hmm. Can you post a screenshot?

  19. Reply Peter Aug 8,2018 14:50

    hi Joey, that’s a bug in Garmin Connect Mobile, it erases the app and reinstalls it instead of updating it. So when you update with GCM you’ll have to re-enter all customizations including the donation code. If you want to avoid that you can update your apps via Garmin Express on your computer.

  20. Reply Matt Aug 11,2018 18:17

    So I like this face, however, the battery drain is unreal. I literally have to charge the watch eeryday. That’s overkill.

  21. Reply Peter Aug 11,2018 19:19

    Which watch do you have matt?

  22. Reply Roos Aug 24,2018 17:59

    Downloading weather data only works when Garmin Connect is running in the background. Is it normal?
    Iphone and Tactix Charlie FW 10

  23. Reply Peter Aug 25,2018 05:59

    Yes the watch itself Can not connect to the internet so it depends on a active Bluetooth connection to garmin connect mobile for retrieval

  24. Reply M. Scott Sep 1,2018 22:11

    Hi Peter;

    I donated on Aug. 19 but also did not receive the donation fee number for the app. Looking forward to the number so I can further enjoy the app!

    Thank you – great app !

  25. Reply Kevin Sep 11,2018 06:25

    First of all, I love this Watch face! Great work!

    I noticed, not sure if anyone brought it up already; if the weather message is too long, it will actually covered up the date field. For example, if the weather is “Scattered Thunderstorms”, the date won’t get displayed as the message takes up the entire roll. Is there anyway around this?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Reply Peter Sep 11,2018 08:38

      Yes this is by design.

      There are a “few levels” of dates that get displayed:
      – Mon, 10 Sep
      – 10 Sep
      – 10/9
      – nothing

      The version of the date that gets displayed is dependent on the width of the weather condition. As Scattered Thunderstorms does not leave enough space for the smallest version of the date to be displayed it falls into the nothing case.

      • Reply Kevin Sep 12,2018 02:43

        Hi Peter,

        Thanks for the reply. I actually prefer knowing the date than the current weather. Hopefully there is a way in the future for this. maybe scrolling weather display or using abbreviation for the weather condition?

        Thanks again!


  26. Reply simone Sep 11,2018 13:40

    Hi Peter, Thx for your job.
    I’ve got forerunner 235 can’t see weather.
    Other problem is that i can’t choose anythin in the bottom chart exept the move field. How can i display HR?? Is there a way to display the HR in the field 4?

  27. Reply Amy Sep 11,2018 13:50

    Hi there. How do I change weather from faranheit to Celsius please?
    Thanks. Amy.

    • Reply Peter Sep 11,2018 14:38

      On your watch go to settings -> system settings -> change the units there. It’ll take up to the next internet fetch before the watch uses the new settings.

  28. Reply Kevin Sep 17,2018 01:40

    Hi Peter,

    I just installed the latest update for Data Lover, however after the installation , the Watchface no longer works on my Descent MK1. The watch face was set back to default, when I try to change it to Data Lover, it just shows the IQ logo with the yellow exclamation mark. I tried to restart the watch and still got the same error. I have not try to uninstall then reinstall yet tho. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this problem also?

    • Reply Peter Sep 17,2018 07:36

      To update to a new version it’s always best to uninstall / reinstall (especially if there are changes to the settings options such as in 6.0) – (unfortunately uninstall/reinstall means you’ll have to re-enter your setting customizations, so be sure to note down your changes).

      Let me know if the problem persists after uninstall/reinstall then we’ll look deeper into it.

  29. Reply Jim Sep 21,2018 11:34

    Hello – I have a Garmin Vivoactive 3 and I have to say I love this watch. The only problem I have with it is where it thinks it’s located. Originally it said it was in Brussels… Then it changed to the correct location (although how it did that I don’t know). Then when I was out of town it changed to that location and has been there for over a month. I can’t figure out how to make it change to my current location. I’ve followed the links and scanned through the postings, but I can’t find the answer anywhere even though it’s referenced. Can you please let me know how to update the location. Thank you!

    • Reply Peter Sep 21,2018 14:36

      The location doesn’t update constantly when you move to a new city. The only way watch faces can retrieve location is by interrogating the last gps activity (and only during a very limited time). To update the location just start eg a run activity and after the gps has turned “green” you can stop the activity and exit to the watchface. On the next weather retrieval (can take up to 2 hours) it now should use this new location.

      • Reply Jim Sep 21,2018 19:09

        Heya Peter!

        Thanks! Not a difficult solution at all. Very happy with the app. You’ve done a great job.

        Again, thanks for the prompt response.

  30. Reply Nikolay Sep 22,2018 13:37

    Hi Peter. I have Vivoactive 3 and I have the same weather location issue. It shows places far away from me. Places where I have never been. The lat lon are correctly set and when I start GPS avtivity I get the correct location only for a while. After that it gets wrong again very soon. Every few hours I have to start GPS activity to get the correct location. Any ideas how to fix that.

  31. Reply Peter Sep 22,2018 17:21

    Hey nikolay i’ve had other reports like this. Could you setup a debug session ( see above) and when you see the city drift happening mail the log file to me through the contact developer option?
    Cheers Peter

  32. Reply Joep Sep 29,2018 06:26

    Recently the weather location is jumping all over the place. After enabling gps it works but with the next update it will be off by 50km east west north really no clue why.

  33. Reply Peter Sep 29,2018 11:44

    Hey joep it’s a problem in the current firmware on the vivoactive 3. I’ve submitted a test case to Garmin that demonstrates it. I hope it’ll be fixed in the next fw release. For now as a workaround get a new gps fix… Cheers Peter.

  34. Reply Joep Oct 1,2018 08:00

    I’m not surprised and expected as much already. They just keep adding more new bugs with every firmware. Thanks for clearing it up Peter!

  35. Reply marc Oct 3,2018 20:47

    Hey Peter,

    Several months now with your apps and data fields and am loving them all. 🙂

    Quick Q on DATALOVER, when the Garmin Connect App on the iPhone is running in the background (ie open, but not in focus) all is fine. But if the app is closed, Datalover cannot sync and fetch weather. This is despite having the app enabled for use set to always in the iPhone settings.

    Does this make sense to you, or is there a way to get it to work even when not running in background.

    Thx much,

    • Reply Peter Oct 25,2018 14:06

      all internet traffic indeed passes through garmin connect mobile, so the gcm app must be active. Cheers, Peter.

  36. Reply Nik Oct 4,2018 19:09

    Hello. Really nice face for garmin. Thanks. I want to donnate but in my country paypal is locked is there another way. Payoneer epayments?

  37. Reply Mauce Oct 24,2018 08:36

    I have set ‘right chart’ to ‘Weather + Time Last Update’.
    I found out most of the time it fails to update (I have a stable internet connection) and therefore the update time is in RED (because it failed).
    However, since the temperature displayed it the last value upon successful update I rather have the ‘time last successfull update’ below the temperature instead the red timestamp.
    Because when the timestamp is in red you can’t tell of which timestamp the temperature shown is.
    Could you please implement that?

    • Reply Peter Oct 25,2018 14:04

      I can see that this could be useful, I’ll consider adding an option for it.

      The most likely reason your weather update does not work is because garmin connect mobile is not active in the background (all internet traffic is guided through that app), make sure to disable process killers on your mobile phone (or to make an exclusion for gcm).

  38. Reply angel Nov 4,2018 21:12

    Hi, only a question about preasure… what is the unit? by example now I se 908 but un activity the watch show me 1006mb.
    Thank you!

    • Reply Peter Nov 4,2018 21:19

      The pressure in the watch face is also in millibar, but watch faces can’t access the sensor and have to take this from the pressure history samples taken by the watch, so there could be a slight delay in the pressure reading.

  39. Reply Jason Nov 5,2018 14:04

    hi dude, my watch is fenix3,i have yahoo weather in my phone, but why I cannot have the weather option in the watch face setting?

    • Reply Peter Nov 5,2018 14:49

      Older Connect Iq devices like your Fenix 3 do not have the ability from within watch faces to connect to the internet to retrieve the weather.

  40. Reply Tobi Nov 8,2018 21:12

    Can i Set language too German ????? 🙂

  41. Reply Tomi Nov 23,2018 08:06

    Great watch face, keep on good work! The wind data is very useful for me and could be more useful if it would be shown in standard format as m/s, not in km/h. Can I set it right somewhere?

    • Reply Peter Nov 23,2018 09:37

      Currently it’s either in k/h or mph (based on watch settings in system -> units menu), it’s on my to do to add knots and m/s options.

  42. Reply Taavi Dec 2,2018 19:38

    Great face, thanks! However, is there any way to set the time format to be 24h instead of 12h?

    • Reply Peter Dec 2,2018 19:58

      yes you can change this in the System Settings on your watch. (settings -> system -> time -> 24hr)

  43. Reply Slarsen Dec 5,2018 10:18

    I would love to be able to have stress instead of heart rate on the graph bottom center.

  44. Reply stakas86 Dec 5,2018 18:01

    Hi, i have donate for your job and I received from paypal and I entered the code in the application, but it still has not been activated.
    Also while I have my coordinates I still write Brussels in the country, although it has been 2 hours.

  45. Reply Peter Dec 5,2018 18:43

    See all requirements in q1. The most common problem is that garmin connect mobile is not running.

  46. Reply stakas86 Dec 5,2018 21:26

    I have taken all the steps from question 1 but the city has not changed.
    The clock I have its a garmin vivovactive 3 music.

  47. Reply Chris Dec 8,2018 23:05

    Hey Peter, Love the watch face but had some questions on the GPS functionality. If I have the GC Mobile running in the background on iPhone is the watch pulling GPS data from the phone or the watch itself? For example, I’m in a building and don’t have a good GPS watch signal but my cell is pulling a location from the cell towers. Is it pulling the cell phone location? That might help with my ‘understanding’ of how this watch and the face works! Thanks for a great face!!

  48. Reply Peter Dec 9,2018 06:48

    Gps location comes from the watch. Watch faces can not execute a refresh of the location though and are limited to fetching the location of the last gps activity (eg your last recorded run session)

    • Reply Chris Dec 9,2018 16:50

      Thanks Peter for that update, definitely makes more sense now. And from studying more I’ve also learned to keep the GC app open in the background, big difference! Thanks again for your hard work on this. -Chris

  49. Reply Geoff Jan 13,2019 03:09

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the face! Two quick questions…

    1. Is there a way to have temperature run off the data in the Garmin watch instead of fetching from yahoo?

    2. Just did a Garmin update on my Vivoactiv3 and the face now does not have the option to show weather+forecast and also not show the sun image next to Sunny (just a blank rectangle).

  50. Reply Jens Jan 13,2019 19:08

    With the latest Update (7.0) the Symbol for the weather is wrong:


  51. Reply Charlie Woodard Jan 16,2019 06:09

    Is there a picture that shows where all the fields are located on the watch face? When going through the set-up in Garmin Connect, I have no idea where “Field X” is on the watch face.

    • Reply Peter Feb 14,2019 13:40

      the field layout is like this:
      field 5 – field 6
      field 4
      field 1 – field 2 – field 3

  52. Reply Ulrich Goebel Jan 23,2019 16:21

    Hi Peter

    The watch face disappears occasionally – once I sync with my computer it’s back, only to disappear again after only 10 minutes. The settings on my Garmin App also disappeared (showing the app but size 0kb and no data). Any idea how to fix this?


    • Reply Peter Feb 14,2019 13:39

      in case you still see this can you check on your watch in the folder \garmin\apps\logs for a file called ciq_log.yml and email me the contents.

  53. Reply Laura Jan 29,2019 16:44

    Hi Peter,
    it would be nice if I could see my swimming data. For example weely distance, distance history or goals.

    I hope that you can add this features soon.


  54. Reply Darren Jan 30,2019 13:27

    Hi Peter,
    When reading about your weather info and setup…
    If I set the default longitude/latitude to my home location, will GPS location overwrite and update the weather data to the new GPS location, or will it always use the longitude/latitude data?
    Great WF, thanks a lot!

    • Reply Peter Feb 14,2019 13:30

      The gps location of the watch will be used if you set the “Allow Gps Override” app setting on

  55. Reply Adrian Feb 3,2019 19:14

    Great WF one of the best in the Shop.
    But I miss DND/Sleep Icon when it’s on.

  56. Reply Chris Feb 4,2019 06:17

    Hi Peter,

    Love this watchface. Any chance you could make an analog version, maybe without the graph?

  57. Reply Phillip Feb 14,2019 11:17

    Hi, first of all, thanks for a good watch face, I really like it!

    The weather though is kind of unprecise at my location in Northern Europe.

    Would it be possible to add weather data from as a option – This is a free very good Norwegian hosted weather service for the whole world, with focus on Europe. Data is free to use and is available in forms of xml, javascript and php formats.

    If you don’t have time to/ a wish to integrate it, would it be possible to contribute with the code?

    Link for developers in English:

    • Reply Peter Feb 14,2019 13:38

      In the connect iq world it’s unfortunately not that easy. Besides that every line of code consumes memory, is also not a good candidate to use as besides not having a json response the response size of the weather service is also too large (reading response also consumes memory), so I would have to write a server side parsing on my hosting site and also foresee an extra bandwidth hit on my site for it.

  58. Reply Jørgen Dyrhaug Feb 19,2019 11:18

    Hi Peter!

    Lost the donation key for my favourite watch face due to a reinstall. And noe I’m away form home (and my home computer) for a week, and I wonder if you’r able to resend the donation key to me?

  59. Reply Arshilk Feb 24,2019 10:44

    Hi Peter,
    Getting the following message:
    “Open outside Garmin Connect mobile” with option “open” and “cancel”.
    Can’t save the settings even if I select “open”
    Please help.

  60. Reply Paul Feb 25,2019 20:31

    does anybody know when this watch face will be fixed for the iOS platform ??

  61. Reply Mostafa Mossaad Mar 1,2019 14:20

    Hi Peter,
    You’ve sent me the key that allows for faster weather updates. And I’ve been through the FAQ to know that you use the Yahoo weather API. My problem is that there watch face isn’t showing the correct weather. It detects my location normally, and when I look at Yahoo weather for the same location, I see different weather. What do you think?

  62. Reply Lorenzo Testasecca Mar 29,2019 05:19

    Hi Peter.

    How do I get rid of the rediculous paypal fees. I want to donate but don’t want to pay double in fee’s

    Loving the watchface

    Regards Lorenzo

    • Reply Peter Apr 15,2019 12:31

      hi Lorenzo,
      PayPal is sometimes ridiculous indeed with the fees they charge, it helps to use the bank account instead of a credit card to transfer funds. There are 2 alternative donation options here The first is also through PayPal but with the option to donate without creating a paypal account, the other is through BuyMeACoffee, where I think there are no fees. Let me know if that works for you.

  63. Reply RUNdreas Apr 5,2019 19:59

    Time of SUNRISE is one our to late in the actual version!

    • Reply Peter Apr 15,2019 12:32

      Sunrise is calculated once per day to save battery life. Did you see this behavior on the day that day saving time was starting to be applied? It should be fixed the day after. Cheers, Peter.

  64. Reply Jeff Shaw Apr 8,2019 14:50

    Peter – best watch face I have found for my F5. I want to send you money to improve the weather update frequency but paypal wants to charge me $2 just to make a donation. Any ideas? Thanks and great work on the design.

  65. Reply Sandor Apr 20,2019 09:49

    Hi there!
    Im using this face for long time and i love it.
    But now i have a problem,i changed my watch from vivoactive music to fenix 3 hr and i cant choose the weather to show.
    Help me out please

  66. Reply Hans Apr 22,2019 08:42

    Watchface shows pressure of 1191 mbar (893 mmHg) instead of 1010 mbar.

  67. Reply ludo May 3,2019 14:39

    I have a FR235 and would like to have the HR graph instead of the steps at the bottom.
    I don’t have the option in the settings menu, even if the FR235 has the always on technology.

    Also, in the case I want to keep the Steps graph, where do I put my steps goal ?


    • Reply Peter May 3,2019 14:49

      hi Ludo, the FR235 does not have the always on technology, so the active hr chart is not supported on your device.

      The steps goal is managed from within your garmin connect account either through the mobile app or the connect website.

  68. Reply kit May 16,2019 23:57

    Hello Peter
    This to notify you that I have made a payment towards this app. However I did not mention “Data Lover” as instructed. I hope this message clarifies my error. Many Thanks.

    • Reply Peter May 30,2019 13:44

      Normally you should have received it in the meanwhile, in case of not use the contact developer option on the app page.

  69. Reply spaghet May 19,2019 23:36

    Could you tell me why I can’t set “Bottom Chart” to show my heart rate in Garmin Express for my Forerunner 235?

  70. Reply Paul May 23,2019 09:49

    Hi Peter.
    I would like to donate but I have:
    “You’ll send 3,01 EUR
    Fee 2,57 EUR
    You’ll pay 5,58 EUR”

    is there any other way to donate? e.g. Revolut? direct payment?

  71. Reply Christy Jun 5,2019 14:19

    I have the vivoactive 3. I have used this watch face since December. I was able to change the settings of the watch face (including color and field info), then my watch had a weird glitch about a month ago and the settings to the watch face will not sync to the watch now. Garmin just replaced my entire watch last week because they thought the sync errors were from the watch. But now the new watch still will not sync/receive the settings that I change within the app. Any advice?

    • Reply Peter Jun 7,2019 13:04

      Sometimes it happens that settings are out of sync with the app. Only thing I can suggest is to make another watchface active, delete data lover and then to download it again. Downloading it through Garmin Express on the computer usually works better than downloading through the mobile app.

  72. Reply Martin Jun 12,2019 09:47

    Hi Peter,

    your whatch face “Data Lover” is very good, nice design, but I found two issue. 1) Chart of altitude show bad value value min/max. during 4 hours history. 2) Wheather position not support Czech letters (č, ř, š ,ě etc.) instead of position show nonsense names. Could you solve these two issues in next release, please? Then I will purchasing premium version. Thank you for your feedback. Best regard Martin.

    • Reply Peter Jun 16,2019 17:08

      1/ can you elaborate on the bad min/max value?
      2/ I just checked and these letters should be replaced by their non diacritic form (c, r, s, e). Can you set up a debug session (see bottom of the faq) to check for which character does not get displayed properly (email me the log file to )

  73. Reply JET Jun 15,2019 10:36

    Hi Peter,

    First of all, thank you for such a wonderful watch face. I like it a lot. I just donated to you, however, I couldn’t find anywhere during the donation via paypal to put in “Data Lover” as instructed. Hopefully, it will be ok. Look forward to your key soon.

    Thanks and regards,


  74. Reply Natalia Jun 22,2019 06:23

    Hi! Thank you for your application, it is really useful 🙂 I have one question – I changed the watch on Garmin forerunner 45s and everything is ok but I can not set the options to show me the current heart rate in the data fields. Can you set it?
    Greetings 🙂

    • Reply Peter Jun 26,2019 21:06

      hi Natalia, the FR45 is very limited in memory so I had to cut down a bit in functionality in order to be able to deploy it to that watch. The heartrate is one of the features that had to go.

      • Reply Natalia Jul 1,2019 09:33

        Will it be possible in the future to add a heart rate and choice in options, for example instead of sunrise and sunset? I do not need this information, but the heart rate is important. Greetings 🙂

  75. Reply Bo runner Jun 27,2019 06:51

    Hi, thanks for great watch face, I like it very much 🙂 I have a question – if the arrow next to wind speed points from top to bottom is it north wind, left to right west wind etc? Or is it decreasing wind speed, stable speed etc? Thank you very much again!

  76. Reply Jon Richardson Jun 27,2019 15:32

    Hi Peter, I absolutely love your watch face and use it every day!

    One additional feature I’m sure many people would love is the ability to show the current price of Bitcoin in the top and/or bottom gauge slots.

    • Reply Peter Jun 29,2019 06:21

      It would be useful, but there’s no memory left to add this feature. Maybe it will fit in my next watch face.

  77. Reply François Brooks Jun 29,2019 06:53

    Hi, Peter.
    Best watch screen for Vivoactive 3.
    Thank you for the answer of June 22nd.

    I just sent my donation but did not find a way to mention the name of the app: “Data-Lover”. How can I make the message “Make donation” disappear on my watch now ?

  78. Reply bob Jun 29,2019 18:54

    I have set the ‘bottom guage’ to pressure graph and it works fine.
    I just can’t work out the the two numbers. There are two numbers, I guess that these are the high and low in Pa, but the two numbers don’t seem to relate to the high part of the guage.
    The high number can be to the left and near the low part of the graph, or vice versa.
    Anu thoughts?

    • Reply Peter Jun 30,2019 17:05

      hi Bob, the number on the left is always the minimum of the graph and the number on the right always the maximum (in hPa / mbar). Preferably I’d put the numbers next to each other with a dash in between, but I don’t have sufficient room to do so.

  79. Reply bob Jul 5,2019 17:27

    cheers thanks. Make sense now

  80. Reply lee kwang sug Jul 7,2019 04:56

    donate paypal 3 eur

    give code

    i want 15min update weather

  81. Reply Amin j Jul 8,2019 14:41

    Hi I just download that datalover however I really appreciate if you could add 1 more data in the face screen spo2.. Appreciate if you could add on and I would love to donate..

  82. Reply Tom Shackelford Jul 10,2019 15:39

    How can I switch to the second watch face on my Fenix 5? I only have the one primary face as the option currently.

  83. Reply Darci Jul 12,2019 00:51

    Hello Peter. Great watch face. Is my favourite now.
    I’d appreciate if you put an optional hourly slight vibration (like chime function in Casio’s watches) during the day.
    Thank you.

  84. Reply Peter Jul 15,2019 07:21

    this is unfortunately not possible in garmin watch faces. (I’ve asked a few months ago to Garmin and they don’t want to expose this functionality because the vibration could be too energy consuming)

  85. Reply Helder Jul 15,2019 15:19


  86. Reply Brian Jul 15,2019 22:52

    I have installed weather release code
    I do all four things as mentioned above and start walking or map app
    I get gps connection
    However when pressing back button to return to watch face the gps connection is always lost
    GARMIN 5S plus

    • Reply Peter Jul 16,2019 07:20

      Normally that shouldn’t matter, the gps position will be remembered for a short while. You can verify that your location is picked up by setting up a debug session (see bottom of the faq for instructions)

  87. Reply Helder Jul 17,2019 10:14

    these steps I’ve already done, I just need you to identify the field where I should intrude the code that you sent
    thank you

  88. Reply Helder Jul 19,2019 11:50

    I have already put the code, but sometimes the message symbol appears, but the location never updates
    thank you

  89. Reply James Jul 19,2019 15:28

    Is there a way to hide the text of the bottom step bar? It shows chrrent step count and the goal which I don’t really need to see.


    • Reply Peter Jul 19,2019 22:56

      you can’t hide the values, but you could change the bottom gauge to the move bar (which shows less text)?

  90. Reply Marty Jul 19,2019 16:39

    I have a Garmin 645 music and I am leaning to use your Data Lover watch face. I was wondering which data field will be able to display the HR in the largest font? I have gone through the options and HR is the same font size in multiple spots. I would like to see the HR option where the weather/ circles go. Is that a possibility? Thanks.

    • Reply Peter Jul 19,2019 22:58

      currently not no. It’s also a bit of an issue to have another large spot for updating the screen often (everything needs to be updated within 30ms for intra-minute updates)

  91. Reply Helder Jul 20,2019 14:57

    eu já coloquei o código, mas às vezes aparece o símbolo da mensagem, mas o local nunca atualiza

  92. Reply Jens Jul 27,2019 16:14

    Great Watchface – love it.
    But I’m missing DND/Sleep-Function. Also active calories in addition to calories would be fine. Thanks for your work.

    • Reply Peter Jul 28,2019 14:42

      DND indicator might be added in the future. Calculating active calories is unlikely due to very limited memory left in Data Lover.

  93. Reply Kara Jul 30,2019 15:45

    Love this watch face, thanks!
    Recently, the moon phase indicator has stopped working. Instead of showing the current phase, an empty box is displayed. I had hoped that updating would fix, but no such luck. Any advice?

  94. Reply Justin Evidon Jul 31,2019 16:23

    Hi Peter,

    Fantastic watch face – spent hours looking through all the various options and this is by far the most intuitive and informative.

    My only request is that you include additional options for the right chart (weather). It would be great to have this show the forecasted temperature and precipitation instead of just the current information. Additionally, it would be nice to have the option to use the right chart to display “seconds” for the current time, or just turn that space off altogether.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Reply Peter Aug 1,2019 17:31

      the weather provider I use doesn’t have forecasts in it’s free offering. Turning off items and big seconds for the right chart option are already items on the backlog. That’s no guarantee that it’ll arrive in data lover though (memory is tight, too tight to get all the things of the to do list in)

  95. Reply Sudharshan Aug 16,2019 01:13

    Am trying to add Second time zone and its not allowing me to add, it says use 0 or .0
    Garmin fenix 5

  96. Reply Peter Aug 16,2019 04:22

    Try garmin express on your pc there’s a bug in the mobile app that prevents this

  97. Reply Mal Aug 17,2019 14:20

    Hello, I have often seen that my device has no notifications yet the symbol does not disable on the device. Is there a way of sorting this or customising which symbols display? Thanks.

  98. Reply tomikaro Aug 24,2019 10:21

    Hello Peter,
    Have a Forerunner 235, and changed the watch face from Data lover to other, and since I changed back, all my settings are lost, and i’m not able to change it in settings. I change some fields and hit save. It saves successfully (appears on the phone screen), but when i enter again in settings there no changes made.
    It is the Garmin Connect app bug, or is something else?

    • Reply Peter Aug 24,2019 14:18

      it’s apparently an issue on the issue on the ios version of garmin connect. a workaround is to uninstall the watch face and use the new connect iq app to install the watch face.

  99. Reply Roy Sep 1,2019 13:33

    I have what appears to be the same problem where I can no longer change settings with Garmin Connect. A message pops up saying the change was saved but it does not actually change anything and the watch face is stuck in default mode.

    I have tried uninstalling the watch face and deleting it from Connect IQ, deleting and reinstalling the Connect app, and restarting the watch. None of this works. This is with the current Connect app under iOS

  100. Reply Mike Sep 1,2019 18:51

    What are the plans to support the Garmin fenix 6 series?

    • Reply Peter Sep 1,2019 19:09

      There currently is no SDK which supports building for the Fenix 6 series, hopefully this is available soon 🙂

  101. Reply Matt Sep 7,2019 14:42

    Any updates for the Fenix 6X? thanks a lot for the great work!

  102. Reply Will Sep 10,2019 21:06

    I’m having an issue where I need to enter the longitude as a negative value but garmin IQ tells me that only letters and numbers are allowed if I include the – symbol. I tried copying the value off in case I was entering it wrong but got the same message.

    • Reply Peter Sep 11,2019 08:35

      Yes I can’t do anything about that, it’s a bug in the new connect iq app on iOS…

      The workaround is to uninstall the “Connect IQ” app and then to use Garmin Connect Mobile iOS to edit the settings (the connect mobile app has to be at least version 4.22.2 to not have the other bug that affected saving settings…)….

  103. Reply Matt Sep 12,2019 01:24

    Hi, any updates on the Data Lover watch face for the Fēnix 6X? My watch isn’t worth anything without it. Thanks!

    • Reply Peter Sep 12,2019 07:13

      I’m estimating it’s gonna be something for next week, I have many apps to update and the sdk was only released on monday.

  104. Reply Matt Sep 14,2019 13:40

    Peter- thrilled to have Data Lover on my Garmin Fenix 6X, it looks even better with the larger screen! Thanks for all of your hard work to make it happen! I absolutely love it!

  105. Reply Freddy Strand Sep 16,2019 13:42

    Hi Peter!
    How do I change the wind speed from km/h til m/s?

  106. Reply Jamie Sep 16,2019 15:42

    Hey Peter,

    When i try to put a negative number in the longitude section in the settings i get an error that says “only letters and numbers are allowed. It also will not allow me to add a period. I am on an android

  107. Reply Freddy Sep 16,2019 17:26

    How do I change wind speed from km/h to m/s?

  108. Reply Grave Oct 1,2019 12:51

    Hello Peter,
    i can’t set GPS to home adress. When i tried to make (DOT) 49.xxxxx it says “Only letters and numers are allowed”. How can write this value? I tried 49dotxxxx but it is not funcional. I get location from here – . Can you please help me set my city at watches? Thanks.

  109. Reply Choosed Oct 3,2019 17:07

    I want to have a dual time, however I cannot get the minus (-) to work. My iPhone opens the regular numerical keyboard and all I have is a comma which causes NaN. Any suggestions?

  110. Reply Rob Oct 6,2019 20:04

    I don’t know if the Fenix 6 sdk offers access to the estimated battery life but it would be a great addition to the data fields options

  111. Reply Benjamin Oct 11,2019 17:05

    I can’t find the “custom text”?
    I set the text and also the colour – but where does the text appear?

    • Reply Peter Oct 11,2019 18:32

      This is only available in Field 4. When showing weather you also have to tick the override Field 4 checkbox

  112. Reply rizal Oct 12,2019 03:16

    Hi Peter,

    i’ve tried (for several times) to send you the 3 euro donation via paypal, but it didn’t work at all. the message says “please try it again later”

    any solution?

  113. Reply Rizal Oct 12,2019 12:28

    Hi Peter, its me again!

    i just successfully to donate you via buymeacoffee.

    looking forward the key from you


  114. Reply Pitthaya Oct 13,2019 11:13

    I just make donate for 3 euro but didn’t mention Data Lover, am I still get the donation code?

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