Connect IQ Tools for developers

Several 3rd party developers have developed tools to make your Connect IQ development easier. This page provides an overview of these tools.

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Name Description
Bird’s IQ
the program checks a source text to analyze how variables and constants are used. This could be helpful for tuning a program (to use more local and class variables and less globals) or finding unused variables etc
this tool for the systray checks if you have connected your forerunner or fenix watch to the USB port – if so, it will automatically copy new activities to a specified directory

Monkey Code Keeper
This tool checks the sanity of your code (unused variables, functions, etc…)

when screenshots are done, you often see unwanted borders (watch bezel in the simulator or black background) – this is a tool which allows to create colorful or transparent backgrounds and also allows to make a colored circle around the watch display. The program has been optimized for 240×240 displays.



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