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This page will show you a collection of fonts which can be used for your Garmin IQ projects. Feel free to share your own creations helping to make this a valuable font library for all coders.
A font set should include a bitmap (png) and a font description file (fnt) for each type style (font size, font weight etc.), additionaly the original base of the created font (ttf, otf etc.) could also be added.

The following font sections are available:
  • Standard fonts fonts for normal text including at least the characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9
  • Special characters reduced character set for special purposes (e.g. numbers only)
  • Symbols individual character set for special purposes (e.g. activity symbols, icons)

Standard fonts

Tiny Font
Original Forerunner 935 Font. DOWNLOAD

XTiny Font
Original Forerunner 935 Font. DOWNLOAD

Cool Font
This font is slightly larger than the original tiny fonts of the Forerunner 935 without being wider, so it is more readable but does not need much more space. Compared to the standard fonts the CoolFont’s characters have a more rounder shape. DOWNLOAD

Special characters

No font available for now…


No font available for now…

Publish your Connect IQ font

If you like to share your font to support other coders just send an email to
Please send only fonts which have been done by you and keep in mind to respect copyrights when adding vector fonts into the zip archive.
Thank you!


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    I emailed you about a previous donation key…..don’t believe i need it. Love the app. Very glad is was so easy to reinstall.

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