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The Connect IQ SDK itself contains a good set of examples (you find these in the samples directory when you download the latest sdk package).

Connect IQ Tutorials (Learn Best Practices)

If you want to learn to create Connect IQ programs then I would advise you to have a look at the available tutorials. Examples an sich are good, but tutorials in addition also explain best practices and the why (in addition to the how).

Tutorials by Peter (Me):
Tutorial Overview
Tutorials by Jim (jim_m_58):

Tutorials by Hermo (HermoT):

Tutorials by Franco Trimboli:

Download Connect IQ Source Code (Learn By Example)

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There are a lot of Garmin Connect IQ developers that share their Monkey C source code with the world. This section is a collection of links towards these source code repositories. The quality of the code varies a lot from one repo to another: some are prime examples of how to code, others are not…

(When you use something in your own apps be sure to give credit where credit is due and to respect the license of the open source app (usually available in the root of the source code repo))

8min Abs
7-Minute Workout
Bike Simulator
Event Hub
Fitness Timer
Glider SK
Horizontal Speedo
Image Notify
LandNav App
Low Battery Mode
FTW Garmin
Mark Laying
My Bus
Orange Theory
Nest Thermostat
Sailing Timer
Sleep As Android Garmin Addon
Snapshot Resting Heart Rate
SportMonitor App
Squash App
Tabata Timer
Triathlon, Duathlon & Aquathlon
Townplane Sk
Yet Another Sailing App

Data Fields:
Accurate Pace
Auxiliary Heartrate
Average pace with trend indication
Calculated Field + Tests
Calories Equivalent
Back To Home
Average Vertical Speed
Big Number Field
Bikers Field
Chart Data Fields
Cog Display
Colour Heartrate
Cyclist Datafield
Display GPS
Current speed in percent of vVo2max
Energy Expenditure Field
Estimated Pool Distance
Heart Rate Runner
Monkey Fuel
My Training Impact
My Training Intensity
Pole Steps
Power Adjuster
PowerField + Tests
Rolling Average Pace
Runners Field
Running Economy Field
Smart Cadence
Snapshot Heartrate
Speed Gauge
Steps Carousel
Tempo Trainer
Tidy Field
Time To Rest
Trendy Run
Turn Around Reminder
View Distance In 500 Metre Segments
View Time In 15 Minute Segments
W’ Balance

Samples collection
Wraptext class
Watch Faces:
About Time
AMD Watchface
Analog 24 hour
Analog Plus
Arc Sin
Aviator Like
Binary Elegance
Binary Elegance HR
Binary Time
Binary System
Chief Dexter
Clean Steps
Daily Stats With Time Watchface
Dark Times
Divided Time
Flip Clock
Formula 1
Full Day
Garmin Flags
Garmin Mario
Garmin Van Gogh
Helsingborg Marathon
Logo Analog
Lefthand watchface
Malmö FF
My Big Date
Nyan Cat
Retro Digital
Simply Late watchface
Smart Arcs
Snapshot Watch
Swaggin’ Numerals
Tidy Watch
Yet Another Watchface

Activity Overview
Activity Widget
Compass Widget
Crypto Currencies
Emergency Info
Football Fixtures
Fortune Quote
Hr Widget
Instrument Panel
Iq Meteo
Moon Phase
Nest Camera Control
Show All Infos
Simple Va3 Battery
Sun Calc
Timer Widget
Train As One
Word Of The Day

Android Companion Apps:
Sleep As Android

Did you spot another source code repository that’s not in the list yet?
Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list.


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21 thoughts on “Connect IQ Apps with Source Code

  1. Reply Michael Oct 27,2017 07:45

    Thanks for this great page!

    Just 2 ideas…
    * what about a tag for newly added source codes?
    * what about a section where custom fonts can be shared?


    • Reply Peter Oct 27,2017 14:40

      hi Michael,
      sure, I’ll add a new icon from now on when I add a new link to a source code repo. I’ve mailed you about the font idea.

  2. Reply Ludovic Nov 21,2017 15:50


    thank you very much for this page. I’m looking for an example of single data field with two data (with different configuration if it occupies all the line or only half) such as, but I haven’t found it in your list. Do you know a source code example of some similar?


  3. Reply Tim Jul 17,2018 19:44

    What impact does this app have on the fenix 5 battery life?

  4. Reply Bob Wagner Aug 15,2018 10:59

    Have anyone looked at Beta 3 of the SDK? I am pretty excited about being able to get the distance and speed values of the vehicles coming behind. However, I haven’t gotten my head around how to do this exactly. I have previously written “MaxSpeed” Data App.
    Any ideas or help would be great, or maybe you could run with the idea of an “Incoming” app. What I don’t get is can you access the data that come to the Garmin (Edge 520 in my case) or do I have to connect to the Radar unit itself.

  5. Reply beta-L-user Oct 15,2019 17:23

    tutorials (links to garmin-site) from jim_m_58 are unfortunately broken.

  6. Reply Dave Lusty Oct 28,2019 18:32

    My app is hopefully about to be published in the store and has full code at

    It’s an IoT app to send data up to Azure Event Hubs and is configured in app settings to send data to your own Event Hubs instance for processing

  7. Reply Steve Rodkey May 11,2020 13:02

    Links to tutorials by Jim_m_58 no longer work. Is there a way to get them? I have tried googling them without success.

    Great article!

  8. Reply Puffolino May 17,2020 16:01

    For all who want to create/edit custom fonts, I’ve updated my font editor (windows only).

    Here we go 🙂

  9. Reply Joakim Jun 12,2020 07:11

    I you want a new watch face to add into your article:

    The code is open source and the watch face can be found on the connect IQ | Store.

    Great article!

  10. Reply Peter Jun 12,2020 10:01

    Thanks Harry and Joakim, added the links

  11. Reply Jackson McCann Jul 6,2020 09:15

    Really glad to have found these pages, here’s a link to my GitHub repository where my one published and in-progress data fields can be found.

  12. Reply beta-L-user Jul 13,2020 13:44

    Unfortunately the Tutorial by Jim regarding background processes is not available anymore following the link.

    best regards,


  13. Reply Thomas Jul 14,2020 17:35

    Here’s two more open source projects for Garmin that I’ve been working on:

  14. Reply William Warby Oct 11,2020 09:19

    I’ve open sourced this DataField named Walker:

  15. Reply JA May 4,2021 17:53

    Hey – Really appreciate the Start to Run site and your repository here. Some great work and great examples.

    One additional example which would be very helpful is low power analog time for the AMOLED Venu series. I cant find a single (non-Garmin developed) example on the Garmin App store of a Venu watch face that has an analog low power face that runs for more than about 3 minutes. I’ve created short hollow arms that pass the burn-in test in the simulator but they are not elegant. Some have suggested writing a checkerboard font over the arms and shifting the checkerboard every min, but I havent figured out that code yet. The Garmin watch faces do seemingly impossible things like showing the battery level that doesnt move around on the screen.

    With the Venu 2 coming out, a successful example would be much appreciated. (I dont publish my custom watch faces in the app store and only use them for myself.)

  16. Reply charapon Aug 5,2021 17:08

    any mapView example ? thanx

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