Calculated Field 1

The Calculated Field Connect IQ Data Field allows you to come up with your own simple calculation. Supported operations:
  • +
  • *
  • /
  • ^ (power)
Following variables are available:
heartrate, cadence, power, altitude, averagecadence, averageheartrate, averagepower, averagespeed, calories, heading, locationaccuracy, speed, distance, elapsedtime, energyexpenditure, timerTime, totalascent, totaldescent, trainingeffect, maxcadence, maxheartrate, maxpower, maxspeed

Download the data field from the connect iq store


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One comment on “Calculated Field

  1. Reply Giuliano Guarini May 6,2019 18:51


    I need that my gps (Edge 1030) show me the “overal average” and the “moving average” speed, at the same time.

    I´m using the function “auto-pause” to get the “moving average speed”.

    And I´m trying to use the Calculated Field widget to calculate the “overal average speed”.

    The setup is:
    Field name: AVGSpeed
    Formula: Distance/elapsedTime
    String: %.2f

    The gps fiel data show me a error message.

    What´s wrong?
    Is there another way to get this data?

    Thank you!

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