best vscode extensions for any developer

The best vscode extensions are Visual Studio Code extensions which will suit any developer, regardless of which programming language this developer uses.

I went through the complete vscode marketplace and hand selected (and tested) extensions which I though could be useful.

If the extension was good I kept it.

What you see below is my opinion of what are the vscode best extensions (in alphabetical order).

(there are many articles on the internet suggesting what the best extensions are for vscode. it looks like all of them have been reading each others posts as it were near copies of each other. not much applied for my use case as I’m using the programming language Monkey C which isn’t very widespread. This is a plus for this aricle, as if the extension works well with Monkey C development, it’ll work well with anything 🙂 ).

1. Blockman

Download Blockman

Blockman helps in visually showing the structure of your different nesting levels. A great visual helper.


Download Bookmarks

Bookmarks allow you to easily navigate through your code. Add a new bookmark with CTRL+ALT+K, jump to the next bookmark with CTRL+ALT+L or use the bookmark helper window.

3. Color Highlight

Download Color Highlight

A great extension that highlights anything in your code in that color that looks like a color. Simple yet effective.

4. Comment Anchors

Download Comment Anchors

Comment Anchors lets you easily find your TODO items and even lets you group items within foldable sections

5. Copy Copy Paste

Download Copy Copy Paste

Makes your clipboard a searchable history and allows you to paste anything that you copied recently. Press CTRL+SHIFT+V to bring up your copy history.

6. Diff Tool

Download Diff Tool

This extension allows you to easily compare 2 files you choose. Mark the first file, mark the second file, compare. Allows editing too while comparing. Just great.

7. Git Graph

Download Git Graph

Great way to browse your git history in a graphical way within visual studio code.

8. Git File History

Git File History

This extension provides another way to browse your git file history.

9. Git Tree Compare

Download Git Tree Compare

This extension lets you compare 2 branches with each other. When you select a file it shows the actual changes. Great way to go through your changes and view what exactly has been changed.

10. Gitlens

Download Gitlens

If you use Git and want to install only 1 extension, let this be the one. This extension is so great, it gives you enhanced access to your commits and branches, plus gives code blame right next to every code line. Wow!

11. Iconfont Preview

Download Iconfont Preview

This extension allows you to preview ttf files within vscode.

12. Numbered Bookmarks

Download Numbered Bookmarks

This extension is from the same author as the Bookmarks extension mentioned earlier (and can be used together). This extension provides Delphi Style Bookmarking capabilities to vscode. Press CTRL+SHIFT+number to toggle a bookmark and press CTRL+number to jump to a numbered bookmark.

13. Project Manager

Download Project Manager

Instead of open folder you can just double click on the projects in your project manager to open them. Great way to save extra clicks to open your favorite projects.

14. Color match paired brackets

First I selected Rainbow Brackets as my preferred extension, but you no longer need to install an extension for this functionality as this is now available within the Visual Studio Code Settings. To enable color matching paired brackets press CTRL+SHIFT+P, choose “Preferences: Open Settings (Ui)”, search for “color” and enable the option “Editor › Bracket Pair Colorization: Enabled”

15. Settings Sync

To sync your configuration between multiple computers you no longer need to install an extension for this, this is now enabled by default in vscode. Press CTRL+SHIFT+P and turn “Settings Sync on…”.

Color Themes

There are many color themes available in vscode marketplace.

I find these 2 worth mentioning:

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