Analog Twist

A watch face combining the beauty of an analog watch with the power of a digital watch, a central area with 2 gauges, a chart, 2 data fields and weather info for watches that can connect to the internet.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: There is no weather data downloaded / The location of the weather is not correct / …
Getting weather to your watch requires 4 things to be right:
  • Condition 1: You need to be actively connected with your phone via Bluetooth (go to Garmin Connect Mobile and synchronize your watch to force an active connection)
  • Condition 2: Your phone needs to be connected with the internet
  • Condition 3: You need to acquire a gps position by starting a run activity and waiting for a green gps fix. (you can return to the watch face once you have acquired the fix, you don’t need to start the run activity). Alternatively in the settings of the app you can also set the default longitude/latitude to your home location, enter the lat/long in the format as provided by this website:
  • Condition 4: Garmin Connect Mobile needs to be running on your mobile phone (as a background process or actively as a foreground process). Make sure that you have no battery saver apps running that kill the Garmin Connect Mobile instance. (All Internet traffic is throttled through the Garmin Connect Mobile App) (This condition is very important! When the weather is not updating on your watch the usual cause is that Garmin Connect Mobile is not running any more)
Once the above 4 things are ok you’ll need to wait until the next Internet request to happen. When using the non-donation version this may take up to 4 hours!

I have another question!
There are several channels for support:
  • You can post your question below this article
  • You can post your question in the forum support topic
  • You can use the contact developer link on the app description page


The watchface can be downloaded from the Connect IQ Store


The watch face is fully functional without donating (there is a very occasional small message to encourage donations, refreshing the weather info occurs at a slightly higher rate after donation).

If you like the watch face you can show your appreciation by donating a small amount (suggested donation: 3 euro) on my PayPal account (Mention the name of the app: “Analog Twist”). After donation you will receive a donation key on your PayPal email address which will remove the encouragement message from the watch face. (this email is a manual process, if you do not receive a donation key within 48 hours contact me via the contact developer link)

(SPECIAL PROMO: in case you like several of my apps and you want to remove donation encouragement messages from all of them, then donating one big amount might be beneficial to you. When you donate 19 euro or more you’ll get one key that’s valid for ALL my current AND future apps: )


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