All In One

Overview – Key functionalities and restrictions
  • The All In One data field shows you 7 metrics in a full screen view
  • All In One integrates the functionality of several of my other data fields in 1 view.
  • Configure the settings for 3 activity profiles (run, bike, other) so you will only need to download 1 connect iq app for all your sports
  • Due to very strict memory limits in Connect IQ the available functionality depends on the memory limits of your device.

Q1: To which tier does my device belong?
Tier 1All Connect IQ 1 devices: FR230, FR235, FR630, FR920XT, Fenix3, D2Bravo, Vivoactive
Tier 2Devices with 32kb memory: Approach S60, FR245, FR645, FR735XT, FR935, Fenix5, Fenix5s, Fenix Chronos, Vivoactive 3, Vivoactive Hr, Edge 130, Edge 520
Tier 3Devices with 64kb or more memory: D2Charlie, D2Delta, Descent Mk1, Fenix 5x, Fenix 5+, Fenix5s+, Fenix5x+, FR245 Music, FR645 Music, FR945, Marq
Tier 4“Big” devices: Oregon, Rino, Edge 520 Plus, Edge 530, Edge 820, Edge 830, Edge 1000, Edge Explore, Edge 1030

Q2: Which features are available on my device?
Tier NameFeatures
Tier 1
  • 5 customizable fields with 23 possible field options
  • ability to set up your preferences for 3 activity profiles (run / bike / other)
  • Integration of Data Field: Fat Burner (fixed value per zone, no configurable zone values)
  • Integration of Data Field: Let There Be Light! (only enough memory to provide the choice between always on or always off)
Tier 2
  • 5 customizable fields with 33 possible field options
  • abiltity to set up your preferences for 3 activity profiles (run / bike / other)
  • abitlity to record metrics to fit file (defaults to off. When on the following metrics are recorded in the activity summary: fat burned, carbs burned, activity steps)
  • allow to change settings while field active
  • Integration of Data Field: Fat Burner (always interpolation method, no configurable zone values)
  • Integration of Data Field: Eat! Drink! Reminder! (up to 3 configurable alarms)
  • Integration of Data Field: Back To Start
  • Integration of Data Field: Elevation Grade (grade in percent, elevation grade not available on non barometric devices)
  • Integration of Data Field: Let There Be Light! (not enough memory to calculate sunset/sunrise, but instead you can opt to turn on the light before/after a certain reference hour)
  • Integration of Data Field: Steps Carousel (carousel of activity steps / goal completed percentage)
Tier 3
  • All features of Tier 2
  • 7 customizable fields with 42 possible field options
  • Configurable Fat Burner
  • Extra graph for fat burned / carbs burned over the course of the activity (in addition to the value in the summary) so you can analyse after your activity where you burned most fat
  • Let There Be Light Setting allows to turn the light on between sunset and sunrise
Tier 4
  • All features of Tier 3
  • 1 activity profile with many customizable fields optimized for a big screen display
  • Option to show Background image
Q3: I’ve installed “All In One” but I can’t find it on my device
All In One is a data field and you have to edit an existing activity profile such as RUN via RUN SETTINGS to use it (choose a 1 field layout and as field 1 select the All In One app).

For a visual how to search on Google for “Youtube edit data fields”

I have another question!
There are several channels for support:
  • You can post your question below this article
  • You can post your question in the forum support topic
  • You can use the contact developer link on the app description page


The data field is fully functional without donating. Donations are optional but encouraged from within the data field with an encouragement text. If you find All In One Data Field useful and/or it helps you to achieve your goals you can show your appreciation by donating an amount (suggested donation: 5 euro) on my PayPal account (Mention the name of the app: “All In One”, select “donate to a friend” for less paypal fees)

After donation you will receive a donation key on your paypal email address which will remove the encouragement message from the data field. (this is a manual process, but normally you should receive a key within 24 hours)

(SPECIAL PROMO – donate 19 euro or more and get a key that’s valid for all my current and future apps: )


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