Eat! Drink! Reminder! (Data Field) 4


The Eat! Drink! Reminder! Data Field is a Garmin Connect IQ application which helps you to remember to drink and eat while you are doing your endurance training (long run, long ride, etc…)


  • Install the Data Field on your watch by clicking download in the Connect IQ store
  • Configure your watch to use the data field:
    • Choose the Activity Profile for which you wish to install this data field for (eg Running)
    • Choose Activity Settings
    • Choose Data Screens
    • Choose “Screen 1” (or another screen)
    • Choose field 1 (or any of the other fields)
    • Choose “Connect IQ”
    • Select “Eat! Drink Reminder!” from the list

The sequence on how to do the above things is a little bit different on each watch (you can find the buttons to press in the user manual of your device in the section “Customizing the data screens)”


You can configure how the app behaves in the application settings (via Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile)

Translate in your language

Translate this file and send the translated version + language name back via the contact developer link, I’ll include the translation then in the next release.


The data field is fully functional without donating. Donations are optional but encouraged from within the data field with a small encouragement text. If you find the Eat! Drink! Reminder! useful you can show your appreciation by donating an amount (suggested donation: 3 euro) on my PayPal account: (mention the name of the app “Eat! Drink! Reminder!”)

After donation you will receive a donation key on your paypal email address which will remove the encouragement message from the data field. (this is a manual process, but normally you should receive a key within 24 hours)
(special promo – donate 15 euro or more and get a key that’s valid for all my current and future apps: )

Support / Questions / Feature Requests

When you have questions preferably post this question in the forum support topic (you have to log in first with your garmin user name in the top right corner before you can make a reply to this post)


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4 thoughts on “Eat! Drink! Reminder! (Data Field)

  1. Reply jordidy Feb 22,2017 14:30

    hello, i like your web to share about make apps in garmin, its help me to make some apps but im still learn to make it. actually im runner and i would like to make watchface with logo my run club, if u have file project about watchface digital watch send me the file project i just want to change the logo and font, hahaa . im a noob programmer and still learn. thanks you.

    send to my email

  2. Reply Peter Feb 22,2017 14:52

    hi this doesn’t really belong on the Eat! Drink! Reminder! post, but watch face tutorials are planned to be added (when I find the time)

  3. Reply Mikel May 11,2017 21:59

    Hi, I have installed in my garmin 920 but I can’t find how to set up the different alarms that you say it has. It’s with 15 minutes and drink, and want to change it to 30 and eat. I check all the settings and can’t find the way to do it. Now I am using the native one.

  4. Reply Peter May 12,2017 05:17

    hi Mikel you have to change this in the settings of the app.

    To get to the settings in Garmin Connect Mobile do the following:
    * Open Garmin Connect on your mobile phone
    * Click on the menu icon (3 dashes)
    * Click on the watch icon
    * click on connect Iq apps
    * Click on Eat! Drink! Reminder!
    * Click on Settings
    * In the settings you have the possibility to set 4 alarms. (when the text is empty the alarm is ignored.)

    To get to the settings in Garmin Express do the following:
    * Connect your device with the usb cable
    * In Garmin Express click on manage apps
    * Find the Eat! Drink! Reminder! entry and click on the elypsis
    * In the settings you have the possibility to set 4 alarms. (when the text is empty the alarm is ignored.)

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